Góðan Morgin, Guardians


ThorGuards is a collection of 9,999 NFT characters on the Ethereum Blockchain, inspired by THORChain, norse mythology, and cyberpunk aesthetics.

Each ThorGuard is a completely original combination of hundreds of potential attributes. The collection features truly unique and powerful 3D artwork, and offer holders first-of-its-kind utility.



The gods have protected the Cosmos for thousands of years.

Throughout history, these battles have been waged in violent warfare throughout the Cosmos, but today, a battle of a different kind has emerged on Midgard (aka Earth) - a fight between the common people of Midgard and their powerful, oppressive rulers. These rulers seek to enslave the people, and hoard the world’s wealth and energy for themselves.

Beyond Midgard, across the Cosmos, disparate tribes from disparate worlds have begun building technology and tools to aid in the battle against these oppressive regimes, but so far, these tribes have been fighting independently. They have not yet come together to fight alongside one another as allies in a unified front. Until now.

Today, the ThorGuards are ushering in a new chapter in the fight against the oppressors by bringing together the disparate worlds and tribes of the Cosmos, and organizing them into a single, unified alliance to challenge the oppressive elites.

The Collection

Mark William

3D Artist
Story Writer

Robert Fox

3D Artist
UI Designer

Sara Thomas

Graphic Designer

Lark Elon

2D/3D Animator

Paying homage to THORChain, the ThorGuards collection features a unique fusion of Norse mythology and viking elements with cyberpunk aesthetics and accents.

Hundreds of 3D elements were meticulously hand crafted for the collection - from base bodies, to armor, to headger, hair, and more - then run through a custom-built character generator, resulting in 9,999 characters - each featuring an entirely unique combination of attributes.


Introducing GuardPass: Best-In-Class NFT Utility

ThorGuards are more than just a pretty face.

Every ThorGuard NFT affords its holder unique perks, benefits, and access across our ever-growing network of partners in the THORChain ecosystem and beyond.

From discounted trading fees, to boosted yields, to airdrops, early access to token presales, and more - ThorGuards NFTs will launch with more built-in utility than any generative NFT in history.

Ecosystem Partners


In stark contrast to the many opportunistic cash-grabs running rampant in the NFT space right now, the ThorGuards team & community is setting out to build a lasting franchise that will endure and thrive over the next 10 years and beyond.

With that in mind, our November mint isn't the finish line - it's an initial starting point that will kickstart a character franchise that will be community lead and built for years to come.

2021 Q4

Post-Mint Developments

ThorGuards Valhalla Portal
NFT Upgrades and rewards
More Utility Partnerships

2022 Q1

Ecosystem Foundation

New Collection Airdrop
NFT Upgrades and rewards
ThorGuards Mobile App (AR NFT launcher)
ThorGuards Merch & Physical Collectibles*
More Utility Partnerships

2022 Q2

Ecosystem Expansion

New Collection Airdrop
NFT Upgrades & Rewards
Members-Only Events
More Utility Partnerships



Metaverse Integrations
Games & Animated Shorts
DeFi Crossovers
ThorGuards DAO



Lead Artist


Creative & Strategy




Community & Operations


Business Development


Lore & Story

ThorGuards is lovingly built by a team of veteran Web 2 and Web 3 entrepreneurs, designers, and developers with deep roots in THORChain ecosystem.


When is the ThorGuards mint?

We will be announcing the official launch date soon. Check back on Discord and Twitter for the latest.

Can I get whitelisted?

Yes - If you participate in the community on Discord and Twitter you have a chance to win a whitelist slot.

How much will ThorGuards cost?

We will be announcing the price for ThorGuards when we announce the Launch Date (around late October)!

Is the a limit to # of NFTs per wallet?

Yes, minting will be limited to 5 ThorGuards per wallet.

What blockchain are ThorGuards minted on?

ThorGuards will be minted on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

How many Thorguards are there?

There will be 9999 ThorGuards!


Join the Community

Our community is a vibrant gathering place of fellow Guardians, featuring great connections, conversations, interactive easter-egg hunts, live streams, our own community DJ, and more. (No assholes allowed).

What is THORChain?

THORChain is a revolutionary decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to swap between cryptoassets across different blockchains.

It's kind of a big deal.