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Owning a ThorGuards NFT grants you benefits with our ecosystem partners.

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About RUNEBase
RUNEBase is a media property hyper-focused on offering education about the THORChain ecosystem that is accessible to crypto novices. RUNEBase publishes newsletters, podcasts, articles, and videos that offer an easy on-ramp to curious minds of all levels who wish to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the THORChain universe.
About XDEFI Wallet
XDEFI Wallet is a Chrome/Brave browser extension with multi-chain crypto wallet functionality built for DeFi and NFT lovers. XDEFI is one of the very few wallets publicly available today that offers full compatibility with THORChain. It supports Bitcoin, Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Terra, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and of course THORChain.
* UI of the NFT Viewer will glow a green THOR border around the NFT in the wallet
THORSwap is the first and most established cross-chain Decentralized Exchange built atop the THORChain protocol. It aims to compete with centralized exchanges and offers its growing user base not only cross-chain swaps, but also liquidity provision, yield tracking, wallet services and THORChain validator node administration.

About THORChain
THORChain is a decentralized liquidity protocol that allows users to swap between cryptocurrencies across different blockchains, without going through centralized, custodial intermediaries.
About Brokkr Finance
Brokkr Finance is an upcoming investment platform for simple and optimized DeFi investing. It positions itself as “Your brother in decentralized finance” and aims to educate and lead users through their DeFi capital allocation in a pleasing, assisted experience. The Brokkr platform is built with the user at its center, not the technology, and is powered by THORChain.
* Add your ThorGuard in the wallet as a Profile Pic in the Brokkr App.

About Dcentral Conference Miami
Where the world converges to celebrate art, fashion and the creatives together with the future of finance. Our version of Crypto Basel.
We invite the NFT creative community to truly connect with the world of Decentralized Finance at the combined premier event DCENTRAL Miami.
* $100 Off Ticket to Conference.
About BNPL Pay
BNPL is a DeFi protocol that aims to bring uncollateralized lending to the blockchain. In so doing, it aims to bring blockchain lending to the most underserved market in DeFi: borrowers with little or no capital. By combining on-chain lending with off-chain vetting and servicing, BNPL could open up DeFi to an absolutely massive new audience, to the benefit of all.
* "ThorGuards" UI skin & potential future benefits.
About DefiSpot
DefiSpot is the first multi-chain DEX providing the full-fledged trading experience similar to traditional exchange with a smoother user experience and removing the third-party and KYC. Users can swap, add, remove liquidity for cryptocurrencies and also stake on the platform where 100% of the fees are given back to Defispot’s users.
* ThorGuards holders reward
THORChads DAO is bootstrapped by the THORSwap Project. The DAO bills itself “the future home of the THORChads Metaverse”. It aims to become the launchpad for community-driven THORChain-themed games, NFTs, creative ventures and various competitions. The DAO plans to reward valuable members over time with NFT trophies, and more.
ThorStarter is the first decentralized community-driven venture DAO in the THORChain ecosystem. ThorStarter partners with young projects to bring their tokens to market and raise funds via liquidity grants, and transparent IDOs. The DAO thus gives its members early exposure to some of the most promising projects in THORChain.
About THORWallet
THORWallet is a multi-chain wallet powered by THORChain. It offers decentralized, non-custodial access to swaps, liquidity management and other upcoming THORFi primitives such as a multi-chain savings account. And unlike most projects in THORChain, THORWallet is mobile-first, bringing DeFi to the user, wherever she is.
About 0x Ventures
0x Ventures is a DAO of value-add investors involved in projects across crypto, including in NFTs, DeFi, games, and of course THORChain. The DAO’s support brings a wide range of talents including marketing, design, financing, and engineering benefits to partner projects.
About Qi Capital
Qi Capital is a group of like-minded and experienced individuals from around the globe, sharing two common objectives: providing insights about crypto and DeFi, and proactively working with ambitious teams on the future of decentralized finance.
About Nine Realms
Nine Realms is a crypto-native consultancy focused on introducing institutions to THORChain, and on de-risking institutional-level participation in liquidity pools. The Nine Realms team works with investors and treasuries to deploy RUNE-paired assets into THORChain.
About LP University
LP University is a community of THORChads helping each other learn the basic and advanced concepts of providing liquidity primarily on THORChain, but also on other protocols. LP University is full of LP ninjas and nerds who freely give away hard-earned knowledge and are happy to discuss all things THORChain.
About Flipside
Flipside Crypto puts pre-modeled and labeled blockchain data in the hands of communities. We enable those communities to create and share data on the projects they care most about — and get rewarded for their efforts.